Tolitoli comprises of 43 islands and has an extended coastline of 453.8 kms. It is divided into 10 sub-districts, while the rural area is segregated into 94 regions and 6 districts. The islands of Tolitoli are characterized by beautiful underwater environment, covered with coral reefs and inhabited by swarms of ornamental fish. This marine territory is a home to numerous aquatic species including Anemone fish, Puffer fish, Barracuda, Napoleon fish, Mantis, several types of Nudibranchs, Muray, Sting Rays and Green Turtles. The coral reefs also consists of various kinds of corals, namely Rock Massive, Table Corals, Soft Corals and some Tridacna Sponge Corals characterized by beautiful colors and sizes that range from 10 cm up to 40 cm. All these features have made Tolitoli an important snorkeling and diving spot. The island has become an underwater photography paradise which is visited by underwater and macro photographers from various regions of the world.


Information underwater:
  • ACTIVITY : Diving
  • DEPTH : 10-30m
  • VISIBILITY under water : clear up to 30m
  • WATER TEMPERATURE :approx 28-29 deg C